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The Park Meadows Metropolitan District
(the “District”) was organized in 1982. It is a governmental entity governed by a five member Board of Directors. Its boundaries are shown on the "District Map" tab.  Almost all of the District is within the City of Lone Tree (the “City”).

The District provides services including street improvements, transportation, safety protection through traffic and safety control devices, and storm drainage. The District cooperates with the City of Lone Tree and Douglas County to provide major capital improvements to arterial and collector streets to benefit District residents and property owners as well as the maintenance of landscaped improvements within medians and right-of-way along the major streets.

  The District is a member of the Colorado Special District Association, which exists to preserve and enhance  the  legal and political environment for the existence and successful operation of the special district form of government, and to assist special districts to operate efficiently and effectively.  
  Colorado Senate Bill 2009-87 compliance information may be found on the "Board" tab.  
  This website has been created to give users an overview of the District and we trust it will answer your questions.  If the information you are seeking is not available on this site, please contact us via the people on the "Contacts" tab.  We appreciate your comments!  
  The District participated in the ceremonial ground breaking for the new iconic Lincoln Leaf Pedestrian Bridge on September 29, 2016 with the City of Lone Tree and other special district financial contributors to the Project. President (3rd from left) Greg Kelly represented the Board at the initial shoveling of the dirt for the future bridge. The bridge will be located between Commons Drive and Park Meadows Drive over Lincoln Avenue and link the northern and southern areas of Lone Tree and provide a safe crossing for pedestrians. It will also improve traffic flow on Lincoln Avenue by eliminating at grade crossings for many pedestrian movements. It should be completed in summer 2017.   [More]  
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  Board President John Herbolich accepts the 2014 Board Member of the Year Award at the Special District Association Annual Conference in Keystone on September 12, 2014.  
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  Board President John Herbolich is congratulated by Special District Association Executive Director Ann Terry following his receipt of the 2014 Board Member of the Year Award at the Annual Conference in Keystone September 12, 2014.  
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  September 16, 2011  
  SDA 2011 Honorable Mention Collaboration Award  

The Park Meadows Metropolitan District (PMMD), City of Lone Tree (COLT) and Douglas County (DC) were recently honored by the Colorado Special District Association for their commitment to collaborating on capital projects.

The PMMD and COLT partnership began in the mid 1990’s, when the City asked the District to consider taking on the responsibility for maintenance of landscaped right-of-way adjacent to Homeowner Associations (HOA) within the new City. At the same time, the City and PMMD discussed the beautification of the street system within the City. PMMD agreed to hold a bond election to approve funds to construct landscaped medians within the District, which were constructed during 1998 and 1999.
In the 2000’s, landscaped medians were also constructed in Yosemite Street (C-470 to County Line Road) adjacent to the Park Meadows Mall, at Acres Green and Parkway Drive, and on Park Meadows Drive. The District and City collectively selected the distinctive flagstone design for all of the medians on arterial and collector streets within the City. The District also assisted the City with the reconstruction of the existing Lone Tree Parkway median.

Park Meadows Mall opened in 1996 and with a healthy economy, the commercial corridor along County Line Road west of I-25 began to build out and create significant traffic issues. Lone Tree, Douglas County and PMMD agreed to partner and pay 1/3 each for a traffic study related to improving the traffic flow throughout Lone Tree and unincorporated Douglas County in this area. The completion of this study in 1999/2000 recommended a 20 year plan to improve traffic flow at a cost of approximately $20,000,000.
Each entity agreed to informally share in approximately 1/3 of these future costs in order to move ahead with reducing traffic congestion and maintaining the quality of life for the residential neighborhoods in and around the Park Meadows Mall and the rapidly increasing commercial development within Lone Tree and the County.

PMMD held a second bond election in 2002 which raised approximately $6,000,000 and was passed by a 2 to 1 vote for their approximate 1/3 share of the improvements. PMMD, Douglas County and Lone Tree began meeting monthly to coordinate priorities, funding and ways in which to maximize the available dollars that each entity had to move transportation projects forward.

In a project completed in 2009, added the Highlands Ranch Metropolitan District to the COLT, PMMD and DC partnership when the City, County and District committed funds towards improvements to Quebec Street from Park Meadows Drive to County Line Road with the addition of new landscaped medians and landscaped right-of-way improvements. The HRMD contributed a water tap at no cost. The water use costs will be shared by the PMMD and HRMD. Douglas County provided the necessary permits and approvals within the street right-of-way. Lone Tree provided construction management. Everyone’s cooperation enabled this project to be completed in 2009 after many years of discussion.

The transportation focused collaborative successes proved to be a strong model for other and Denver Water to promote a water conservation rebate program aimed at helping HOAs save water and money on landscape irrigation. This program has been an overwhelming success. Since 2010 HOAs in Lone Tree saved approximately 12.5 million gallons of water and about $50,000 in water costs.

PMMD is proud that every HOA in the District participated in this program, which resulted in 23 smart controllers purchased, installed and programmed at a total cost of $36,560. Lone Tree is the first city in the metro area in full compliance with Denver Water’s new conservation program. For additional details about this program, click [here].  This partnership continues and to date approximate contributions as of December 31, 2012 are:

     PMMD                $8,921,007
     Lone Tree            $7,301,144
     Douglas County  $10,406,240
     Total                   $26,628,391

Other entities, including Highlands Ranch Metropolitan District have also committed funds to transportation improvements in this area.

A map indicating the projects completed by the three entities since 1995 may be found by clicking [here] to view the “PMMD Project Map” located on the “Projects Page” and a summary of the financial contributions made by each entity can be found by clicking [here] to download the “PMMD Project Funding” document in PDF.

Truly successful collaboration is demonstrated year-after year, and without it, each entity would have been separately seeking approvals for completion of project.

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