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  The 2013 budget provides for a property tax levy of 6.387 mills which created total revenues of $1,752,944.  The District's tax base includes the following approximate sources:  
  57.4 %   Commercial property  
  32.4 %   Residential property  
  1.4 %   Vacant property    
  8.8 %   Personal property and state assessed lands *  
       * State assessed lands includes the value of items such as private utility improvements, like Xcel electric lines or CenturyLink phone lines, that are assessed on a statewide basis and shared with other local governments based on formulas that include population and geography  

All property owners pay the same property tax rate to the District. The District has no other fees or charges associated with properties located within its boundaries.


The final budget is posted by January of the budget year.  The previous year audit is posted by June of the current year.  The 2013 budget was adopted by the Board in November 2012 and can be seen by clicking on the link below.



2010 Audit            
    2011 Audit            
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    2013 Adopted Budget            
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  Park Meadows Metropolitan District 2012 Audit      

The District received an unqualified (i.e., a clean) opinion from Haynie & Company, independent auditor for the District, for its 2012 audit. Receiving a clean opinion, coupled with the fact that the auditor had no adjustments related to the District’s 2012 financial statements, underscores the fact that the District can feel confident that it can rely on the financial information that is provided to its elected officials responsible for making financial decisions on behalf of the District.

The Board continues to take an active role in understanding and overseeing the District’s finances. For example, during the past twelve months:


Directors Herbolich and Pearson served on the budget committee which reviewed in great detail the District’s 2013 draft budget.


Directors Herbolich and Pearson met with the District accountant to discuss the 2012 audit report, audit process, and the District’s internal controls.


The Board recognizes and appreciates its responsibility of serving as the District’s financial stewards.  As such, the electorate can feel assured that the District has sound financial reporting practices and controls.



The District has no full time employees. The Board of Directors entered into an agreement with CliftonLarsonAllen LLP to provide day to day management of the District under the direction of Mr. Bob Blodgett. The District hires an independent attorney and accountant through separate agreements.  The District also contracts with the Brickman Group for landscape maintenance.

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